The Greatest Dangers to the Final Reformation

Neil Girrard
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Greek Words Mentioned in This Article
Heresies, Sectshairesis – [139] π Divisions, Dissensionsdichostasia – [1370] π Assembly, “Church” (KJV)ekklesia – [1577] π Contentionseris – [2054] π Division, Schismschisma – [4978]

In one sense, bringing about the final reformation is a tall order. The logistics and possibilities are mind boggling, to say the least. And it can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming to even contemplate. But in another sense, it is entirely inevitable and unstoppable and we need not be overly concerned about “the big picture.” All we need do is submit, on our own individual basis, to what God is doing in our own life – and the more those people who truly belong to Christ do this, the more we will see the final reformation come into existence and produce incredible amounts of eternal fruit!

Equally in this same way, we do not really need to worry about the greatest dangers that the movement as a whole faces – unless we find ourselves in some unenviable position where what we say or do influences the movement as a whole and indeed those who are in such positions stand potentially in front of great judgment and should walk the most alertly. Yet even so, while it is possible that such leaders could do much to damage the movement as a whole, in truth, all they will do is derail themselves and those who are foolish enough to follow them. If the reformation is moving in the directions it should be, such circumstances should be minimal among those who truly follow Christ and God because the key element and prime directive of the last reformation is the need for every person to be both individually and corporately led and guided by the Spirit of God in all things whether great or small. ( Rom. 8:14 , etc.; top) That is, the primary thrust of the last reformation is and must always be a return to our first love, Christ Jesus Himself, and this entails that we must personally and corporately and attentively follow Him..

And again we must start any discussion about reformation by recognizing again the difference between the “church” and the ekklesia [ 1577 ]. One is genuine – the other is counterfeit. One can be changed and is able to grow in godliness – the other is worldly in its very elements and cannot be anything like Christ though it will use His name and words to accomplish its own agendas and pursuits. One, the ekklesia, is the Bride (people, temple, house, household, family) of Christ – the other, the “church,” is the Great Prostitute who usurps the role and function of the Bride and who is the mother of abominations and all her denominational daughters. ( Rev. 17:5; top )

The “church,” because it builds and relies upon (as well as refuses to discard!) deceptions incorporated by the Catholic “church” in the second through the fourth centuries and maintained by every “church” sect afterward, simply will not submit to the needed reforms. It can be truly said that the “church” is the deceptions and errors brought into existence two millennia ago and the ekklesia must shake these off in order to be the spotless and purified Bride ready for her Husband’s return. In many instances, the “church” will oppressively, even violently oppose the reformation because the deepest change, the return to our first love for Christ, simply and completely exposes the “church” for the counterfeit that it truly is. And, rather than surrender to God and come out of the “church” so as to become genuine ekklesia, many carnal “Christians” will resort to deception, oppression, slander, subterfuge and even violence rather than recognize their own sinful wickednesses. But for any truly born again individual who departs from all the “church” deceptions that have kept them from entering and inheriting the kingdom of God, the door to the kingdom and the arms of the King Himself stand wide open in complete welcome.

As we examine the greatest threats against the final reformation, let us keep in mind that even this knowledge can be used against us. If we compile an intellectual list of dangerous and beneficial behaviors and attitudes and attempt to live or work by that list rather than by the Spirit of God, we are doomed to the same failure the “church” is under. We will have left our first love and exchanged it for bits of knowledge. But let us examine this subject in the light of the Spirit so that we will not be caught unawares by the schemes of Satan and so that we can avoid stepping into the many snares and pits he and his demonic hordes have cleverly concealed along the path before us. ( 2 Cor. 2:11; top )

Speaking in the broadest of terms, we can state that the dangers are of two types – internal and external. The internal dangers are many:

In relation to these internal dangers, we do well to consider Paul’s instruction to Timothy. He told him to “pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” ( 2 Tim. 2:22 ) If we would simply take care to be one who has a pure heart and to be united in spirit only with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart, we will see much fruit come from our lives. If we are unwilling or unable to do this, we will simply be yet some form of “church” that is only one more disappointing façade of “godliness” that lacks the power to make us truly like Christ, the kind Paul told us to turn away from! ( 2 Tim. 3:5; top )

The external dangers to the final reformation are equally present:

Regarding all these great dangers (about which we can do absolutely nothing outside of our own circle of influence), we truly need only be aware of their existence as we remain focused on our Lord and Savior who can equally lead us away from such things or deliver us through such things.

The greatest dangers to any individual seeking to truly follow and experience Christ is on two fronts. First, the individual may drift away from or be negligent toward his or her first love toward Christ. The New Testament is replete with multiple warnings about our need to diligently attend to Him who gave His all for us ( 2 Cor. 5:15 , etc.; top) and these are readily guarded against in much the same way we guard ourselves in regards to being faithful to our husband or wife. But the second danger is much more subtle and therefore all the more easy to stumble into. This second danger is that we will exercise all the diligence and loyalty of a faithful spouse but be deluded into believing that the deceiving spirit we give ourselves to is Christ Himself.

In the “church” context, we can be more loyal to our denomination, our “pastor” or our traditions than we are to Christ and this is simply idolatry. Outside of the “church” context, we can be more loyal to our own ideas, knowledge or beliefs than we are to Christ and this is simply the same idolatry with a different object of worship. Paul warned that God Himself would send strong delusion upon those who preferred unrighteousness above the righteousness that God is because they did not love the truth. ( 2 Ths. 2:11-12; top ) This lie which people prefer and which God gives them over to is the lie that the spirit they contact, the spiritual or religious experiences they have, the knowledge they gain, really is God. Whatever flavor of deception one prefers above his or her first love for Christ, God will give that individual over to it and allow them to think they are really worshiping, serving and following the one, true and living God. And they will do all manner of abominations and wickedness in His name and see not one thing wrong with what they are and say and do.

Paul wrote, “Know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.” ( 2 Tim. 3:1 ) And Jesus warned of the last days, saying, “Watch out that no one deceives you.” ( Mt. 24:4; top ) The last days are perilous because no man can be trusted – only Christ who leads us by His voice and life within us can be trusted. The “church” most often denies and derides such a notion because it competes against the “pastor” overlord standing in the pulpit over the people. The “church” will prove to be as much a snare as any other aspect of this world as its practices and agendas are not of God. And the people who are content to be deceived at “church” will rise up in the devil’s fury against those who dare to stand only in and by the Spirit of Christ.

The last days are perilous because it will be, apart from divine spiritual discernment, virtually impossible to know who is friend and who is foe. Even one’s own self – the carnal, flesh nature – with which one is so familiar and comfortable could be one’s own worst enemy. In all this darkness and deception, however, Christ remains faithful and in the end the humble will stand with Him on the real Mt. Zion, the new Jerusalem and they will follow Him wherever He leads. And they will participate in the completion of His work of overcoming and destroying all the power of the devil. This will be the final reformation this world will experience – and it will happen whether we participate on the right side of it or not and whether it involves large numbers of many peoples or merely a few, a purified but tiny remnant. Whatever happens, we will bear the consequences of the choices we make and will have to answer for what we have done with what the Lord gave us to be and do to further His kingdom within our own circle of influence. ( Mt. 25:15; top ) It is merely a distraction to be caught up in or worried about anything else.

“Lord, what would You have of me this day?”

Let he who has ears hear.

The Last and Final Reformation

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