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  1. The Tactics of the Enemy During the Fighting Through Period; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis When the spirits of evil see their hold coming to an end, they never let go until the cause is fully removed, and they continue to attack if the thing they have attacked about still exists in any degree.

  2. Tag Team; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard The demonic excels at what it does precisely because they do work together in their vast scams against humanity.

  3. Tags Come Second - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Some people want to believe that “denominational tags” are permissible and harmless and even irrelevant. Really?

  4. Taking the Place of Jesus - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Why anyone would want to take the place of Jesus is simultaneously difficult and simple to understand.

  5. A Tangled Web - Neil Girrard If knowing and doing the will of God is such a central part of following Christ, why do some claim that God’s purposes and will are unknowable?

  6. Teachers - Neil Girrard Teachers are a part of the body of Christ - and a prominent part of the apostasy. So which is which?

  7. Teachings; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Jesus’ teachings are of no use until a person is changed through the cross.

  8. Teachings of the Spirit - Neil Girrard It is most important that the Holy Spirit, and not some man, be our real teacher. Here’s why.

  9. Tears - Neil Girrard What are our tears for?

  10. The Test of Loyalty - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) How God uses the “church” to test the loyalty of those who claim to be His.

  11. The Test of Obedience - Neil Girrard Our obedience to Christ’s commands is still a requirement to attain to eternal salvation.

  12. Test the Spirits; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Any spirit (attitude) that attempts to annul, replace or misrepresent the character and person of Jesus is not the Spirit of God and cannot proceed from God.

  13. That I May Know Him - Neil Girrard A song that should be all of our hearts’ cry.

  14. There is a Time Coming Very Soon; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The Lord will never forsake His inheritance, and we are His only inheritance.

  15. There’s Nothing Wrong With Me - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) The failure to face up to our own realities is often the source of our deepest deceptions.

  16. They Say - Neil Girrard What people say is not nearly as important as what God says.

  17. A Thing of Bronze - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) The bronze serpent Moses raised in the wilderness some 3500 years ago holds more implications for us today than most realize.

  18. Think Like I Think - Neil Girrard I expect, insist and demand that you think like I do – just like the Bible says.

  19. Thinking Naughty Thoughts - A Review - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) For penetrating, conversation-stimulating insights and questions, this book stands in a short list of books that attempt to rightly divide the issues of modern churchianity.

  20. This Wicked World - Bible Bullet: 1 John 5:19 - Neil Girrard Ever wondered why nothing ever changes for the better in Washington (or any other capital around the world)?

  21. Those Who Despise and Reject Authority - Neil Girrard Though many people leaving the “church” are accused of rebelling against authority – and Peter’s and Jude’s prophecies are used - this is only a misrepresentation of the real meanings in these prophecies.

  22. 8. Three Cardinal Principles on Living in the Body of Christ; The Body of Christ: A Reality - Watchman Nee How, then, can all these members with their various functions be fitly framed and knit together as one body? We must first realize that there are three cardinal principles which are indispensable to our living in the body of Christ.

  23. Three Classes Among Believers; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The different categories of believers relate to the degree and quality of one’s surrender to God.

  24. Three Fatal Flaws of Sam Soleyn’s “Spiritual Oversight” Teaching - Neil Girrard His teachings suffers from many spiritually fatal flaws. Beware!

  25. Three Lies - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Three lies currently in vogue in various “Christian” circles, at first, seem to be unrelated to one another but in reality share very similar roots.

  26. Three Parables - Neil Girrard Three of Jesus’ parables we cannot afford to misunderstand.

  27. Through the Looking Glass - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) If one looks into either end of binoculars or a telescope, a “looking glass,” one can see many things about the kingdom and the “church.” A surprisingly deep parable.

  28. Thus Says the Lord - Bible Bullet: 1 Peter 4:11 - Neil Girrard Anyone who truly speaks what is on the heart of God should do so with confidence and authority.

  29. The Time of Lawlessness - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) The one who does things he knows to be sinful or wrong is not the one the New Testament calls lawless.

  30. Time to Walk the Path; Opening Spiritual Eyes - David L. Williams One of the first things you will notice on the Hard Path is that you are hemmed in.

  31. Tithing; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The giving of ten percent isn’t the ultimate example of giving in the original New Testament Church. They gave everything.

  32. To Be or Not To Be - Neil Girrard Amazingly, this is the simple question before each individual who claims to follow Christ in this tumultuous, confused and confusing time the New Testament calls the end of the age.

  33. To Live For - Neil Girrard What is that we really live for?

  34. To See As God Sees - Neil Girrard Jesus wrote seven letters to seven “angels” – who was He writing to?

  35. Told to Go: Or, Riding the Wrong Horse - Neil Girrard Most “Christians” turn a deaf ear to God’s command to “Come out” because it would require leaving the comfort zone of the “church” and comfortable “church” society circles.

  36. Tolerance or Unity; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard The ruler of displacing Christ works extremely hard to get us to relate to one another by any means other than the Spirit of Christ.

  37. Too Deeply - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Many Christian leaders today act as if exhortation is offensive and that the philosophy of offending anyone does not come from the Bible.

  38. Traditions of Men; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer If anyone tries to go further in the Lord than those around them, a man-made tradition of some nice born-again Christian people will employ various techniques and traditions (including prayer) to stop this type of progress toward holiness and perfection in Christ.

  39. Training in the War of Prayer; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Warfare by prayer needs to be learnt as much as any other subject of knowledge in the world of men.

  40. Translator’s Preface ; The Body of Christ: A Reality - Watchman Nee This little volume of collected messages attempts to show us the reality of the body of Christ.

  41. Translator’s Preface ; The Character of God’s Workman - Watchman Nee In the work of God, the worker is more important than the work.

  42. Treasures - Neil Girrard Do we really know what our treasures really are?

  43. Triumphant Overcoming - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) If there is one word that has fallen from common usage in “Christian” circles, it would be the need to overcome.

  44. True and Counterfeit Accepted Together; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Almost without exception, in every land where revival has since broken forth, within a very brief period of time the counterfeit stream has mingled with the true; and almost without exception, true and false have been accepted together.

  45. The True Body of Christ - Neil Girrard Just what is the true body of Christ and in what manner does one go about seeking to find those that are like-minded?

  46. True Confession of Sin; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis True confession of sin should come from deep conviction and not compulsion, and should, be made only to God, if the sin is one only known by God; to man personally, and in private, when the sin is against man; and to the public only when the sin is against the public.

  47. The True Fasting From Food in Conflict; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The Lord’s wilderness conflict throws light upon this, for it appears that it was not until after Satan had left Him, and the tension of the conflict was over, that His physical needs asserted themselves, and “He hungered.”

  48. True Leadership; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The sifting of a Christian’s character to get him ready for true Christian leadership is a time-consuming process, and just reading Scripture and attending seminars will not produce the necessary fruits.

  49. The True Location of God; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Christ and God are in heaven – counterfeits would have us look elsewhere.

  50. The True Manifestation of Christ; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The craving for sense-manifestation opens the door to deceiving spirits to counterfeit the real presence of Christ.

  51. The True Revelation of Christ; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The influx of the Spirit of God to a man’s spirit, means love, joy, and liberty, buoyancy, light and power - it is at this time that ignorance is dangerous.

  52. The True Tabernacle - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Scripture says there is a true tabernacle of Christ. What are the differences between the true one and the false ones?

  53. True Witness - Harry R. Miller To stand up and be counted as one who stands for the whole truth of God's Word, is not easy.

  54. True Words - Neil Girrard Modern New Testament prophets - if there really is such a thing – must speak only “edification and exhortation and comfort to men.” Right?

  55. The True Work of the Holy Spirit in the Believer; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis But the opening of the spiritual world, which takes place through the filling of the Spirit; and the work of the Spirit, which now occupies the attention of the believer, is just the opportunity for the arch-deceiver to commence his wiles under a new form.

  56. The True Workings of God, and Counterfeits of Satan; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis A valuable comparison of the true workings of God and Satan’s counterfeits.

  57. True Writing Under the Hand of God; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis In writing or speaking under the control of evil spirits, a man is not truly “spiritual,” for his spirit is not in use.

  58. Trust; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Better to go through storms with Jesus than smooth waters without Him; your sailing vessel cannot move on the seas if it’s a calm sea.

  59. Truth and Grace - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Truth, grace and law - our ears and hearts have become jaded to the full intent and meaning of the Spirit of God.

  60. Truth and Presumption - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Recognizing the awesome and transcendent power of God is as essential as is discerning the dangerously lethal deceptions which the enemy has arrayed against us, especially those schemes concealed within music and popular songs.

  61. Turning Slaves Into Warriors - Neil Girrard If we are to be completely free of the “church” paradigm, we must recognize how deep the slave mentality has been inserted into our thinking.

  62. Twelve Reasons for Suffering; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer When sufferings happen we should realize we are identifying with the Lord’s walk through comparable situations, and because He went through them first He will lead us safely through them.

  63. Two Kinds of Christians - Neil Girrard T. Austin Sparks identified two different kinds of Christians – which kind are we?

  64. Two Kinds of Spirits; Opening Spiritual Eyes - David L. Williams It took some time before early Bible scholars came to realize that the name of the Holy Spirit is “Love.” But the spirit of Satan has kept its name hidden from the very beginning.

  65. Two Lies - Neil Girrard Differences between the New Testament and our practice of following Christ are not as unimportant as some think.

  66. Two Life-Pictures - Neil Girrard Two modern-day parables that point to other ways of doing things (other than the vain religious repetitions of the traditions of men to which most of us have been exposed) that might help us to better understand what the Lord is asking of us.

  67. Two or Three - Neil Girrard There are multiple layers of deception around the modern practice of “meeting.” Are we willing to face this?

  68. Two Questions - Neil Girrard Two questions we really need to ask ourselves – and God!

  69. The Two Step Gospel - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Jesus’ picture of the wide and narrow gates and paths provides us with insight into what is perhaps the devil’s most pernicious deception, a deception which comes directly from the doctrines of eternal salvation.

  70. Two Ways That the Enemy Puts Thoughts Into the Mind; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The Deceiver has two ways of putting thoughts into the mind: direct communication to the mind, and indirect, by attacks on the spirit, causing undesirable feelings there, such as impatience through the attacks, which produce impatient thoughts in the mind, followed by impatient words.

  71. The Tyranny of Gifts - Neil Girrard When Adam was first confronted with his sin, he set the standard for passing the buck which has been passed down through generations and is still quite visible today.
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