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  1. Waiting Upon the Lord; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Waiting on God to lead one out of a difficult situation entails waiting in quietness as He brings His light to the pathway out of the difficulty. Our role is to look in no other direction but His.

  2. Walking Aids on the Path; Opening Spiritual Eyes - David L. Williams Praise and pondering are two indispensible tools for walking on the Hard Path.

  3. III: Walking in the Light; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard Careful adherence to Christ is the way of victory over the demonic. But let us make no mistake here - our abiding in Christ Jesus is the only assurance and hope for our victory over the world and the demonic.

  4. Walking With God; Through the Fire - David L. Williams This small booklet is a powerhouse and wealth of insight into spiritual warfare, “church” malfunctions and the deepening of our spiritual walk with God. A must read - and one to reread often! - for all who wish to go further on with and deeper into the Lord. Also available as a downloadable Word file which the author requests that you forward by email to anyone the Lord would have you do so. Walking With God; Through the Fire (Downloadable version)

  5. War and Responsibility - Neil Girrard The responsibilities of those who are at war.

  6. War upon the Powers of Darkness; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis In the path to freedom from deception and possession, the believer discovers the need of MAKING WAR AGAINST THE POWERS OF DARKNESS.

  7. A Warped Perspective - Neil Girrard A comic strip encounter leads to seeing our culture as it is.

  8. 4. The Wasp and the Church Member (Part 1); The “Church” Paradigm (a la Tozer) - Neil Girrard Tozer asks great questions! But if anyone else were to ask them, the most likely response will be “Oh, he’s just bitter – he’s been hurt!”

  9. 7. The Wasp and the Church Member (Part 2); The “Church” Paradigm (a la Tozer) - Neil Girrard Even Tozer saw that the “church” most often gives new converts precisely something other than or something in addition to Christ and that the race the spiritual converts run is a short dash that fizzles out into the “dull religious routine” of faithful “church” attendance.

  10. 6. The Way of Christ Is Still Narrow; The “Church” Paradigm (a la Tozer) - Neil Girrard Tozer, writing around 1960, gives testimony here of a quick but dramatic transformation in the practice of following Christ.

  11. The Ways of God; Opening Spiritual Eyes - David L. Williams How to judge the fruit of others as Jesus told us to, so that we would not be deceived.

  12. 8. We Must Be Still to Know; The “Church” Paradigm (a la Tozer) - Neil Girrard If the people who have read Tozer – and a lot of “pastors” and religious leaders have read his writings – would have simply heeded this message, the landscape of Christianity might be vastly different than it is now.

  13. We Must Have Better Christians; Of God and Men - A.W. Tozer Speaks loudly to the insufficient nature of our discipleship methods.

  14. We Need Men of God Again; Of God and Men - A.W. Tozer A call for those in the Body of Christ to truly be men of God.

  15. Wealth: Blessing, Curse or Test? - Neil Girrard A Scriptural look at whether wealth is a blessing, a curse or simply a test from God.

  16. The Weapon of Scripture; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis In fighting back to freedom, the believer must wield Scripture as the Divinely provided weapon for victory over evil spirits.

  17. The Weapon of the Word of God; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The believer must maintain a steady fight with the powers of darkness, using the weapons of warfare given in the Word of God, as tried and proved by experience.

  18. We’ve Missed It; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The real life of Jesus for us as individual Christians in this end-time battle has been badly distorted by us Christians.

  19. What About Those Lost Millions? - Neil Girrard Exposing some of the fallacies which keep people from coming to Christ.

  20. What Did You Go Out To See? - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Those who have exited the “church” and entered into some form of the “wilderness” experience need to reconsider this question.

  21. What Do You Seek? - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Most people who are confronted with this question at least know that they want, even need, an answer in life. But where do we look?

  22. What Does it Mean to be the Body of Christ? - Jo Alaine Yancey One sister’s insights and answers to this very important question.

  23. What God Is Really Saying Now - Neil Girrard What are God’s priorities for His remnant today?

  24. What Is a True Baptism of the Spirit; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis It is of primary importance to understand what is a true Baptism of the Spirit, the conditions for its reception, and the effects of obtaining it.

  25. What Is Love?; Opening Spiritual Eyes - David L. Williams This is another place where words are confused. Love means many different things we must differentiate to understand.

  26. What the Apostolic Ministry IS NOT! - Darryl Samuels & Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) The truth about apostles and their work challenges what many believe – and practice!

  27. What’s In a Title? - Neil Girrard What’s in a title? More than most bargain for.

  28. What’s Wrong With “Church”? - Neil Girrard A broad question indeed - but a special focus on how to meet brings specific answers.

  29. What’s Wrong With the Gospel: Section 2: The Added Parts - Keith Green Last Days Ministries was famous for their little pamphlets and writing or quoting very hard hitting messages from the heart of God. The following is no exception. It is a must read for anyone who has experienced the rituals of modern “church” but haven't been able to pinpoint just exactly what was wrong with the whole picture.

  30. 1. The Wheat and the Tares; The Sons of the Devil - Neil Girrard Jesus’ analogy about the kingdom of heaven with some special emphasis on how it will be at the end of the age.

  31. When Shall the End Come?; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The gospel is going to be preached to all nations when Almighty God sends out His end-time men (the totally surrendered), not those solicited by human programs.

  32. Where Did the Prophets Go? - A Review - Neil Girrard The author of this book asks a good question but his answers fall far short of the full counsel of God.

  33. Where Do You Go To Church? - Neil Girrard This seemingly innocent question covers a whole lot of territory.

  34. Where Should I Go To Church? - Neil Girrard This important - but ignorant - question deserves to be answered.

  35. Where the Evil Spirits Enter; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Evil spirits bury themselves in the very structure of the human frame, some acting directly upon the organs or appetites of the body, others upon the mind or intellect, sensibilities, emotions and affections, and others more immediately upon the spirit.

  36. Who Do You Say That I AM? - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Asking the right question – and even giving the “right answer” – does not mean we have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  37. Who Is Being Served? Bible Bullet: Mark 10:45 - Neil Girrard In far too many “ministries” today, the wrong people are being served.

  38. Who Is My Neighbor? - Neil Girrard Jesus’ story of “the good Samaritan” has more to do with life today than many people realize.

  39. Who Tries Us?; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer God is not, as some think, a wrathful God indiscriminately meting out judgment but an all-holy God chastening His children, that they may learn to obey His commandments and to walk in His ways as Jesus did.

  40. Whole Armor!; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The whole armor of God, absolutely complete, without loopholes, compromises or crevices of any type, is God’s desire for His children in this evil day.

  41. The Whole Counsel of God Bible Bullet: Acts 20:27 - Neil Girrard The “church” promises “the whole counsel of God” but this is a promise it cannot deliver.

  42. Whose House Is It? Bible Bullet: Acts 7:48-50, 17:24 - Neil Girrard The Most High God does not live in temples made by human hands. So who really owns all those “church” buildings that are commonly and routinely called “the house of God”?

  43. Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway? - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Perhaps the most accurate, over-arching view of the intricate workings of the kingdom of God ever given to men was that given to Ezekiel.

  44. Whose Slave Are You? - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) It is an inescapable fact that we are the slave of whomever we choose to obey – and our only two choices are sin or God.

  45. Whose Will Do We Follow? - Neil Girrard With the New Testament’s many clear instructions, how do we justify the normal (average, usual) “Christian’s” exclusion of God from so much of the life they live?

  46. Why Believers Do Not Obtain the Baptism of the Spirit; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Believers who know that a Baptism of the Spirit is possible, and obtainable by them, may not receive that Baptism because of many misconceptions about experiences.

  47. Why “Church”? - Neil Girrard Only a few are able to spiritually grasp the truth that the “church” is Satan’s ace card in his war against God’s plan to have a family, let alone ponder why he chose this particular strategy.

  48. Why Delay in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis If a believer has made the transaction with God for the Baptism of the Spirit, and taken it by faith, and for a prolonged period there is no evidence in experience, he should renew his prayer to God for the removal of all obstacles as quickly as possible, and be on the alert to co-operate with God in every trace of light given him.

  49. Why Do We Meet - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) The modern “church” is so confused that few, if any, seem to remember or even know what the mission of the genuine ekklesia is.

  50. Why Evil Spirits Want the Body; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Why do evil spirits want the body, and why do they so persistently work to gain access and possession?

  51. Why God Permits Satan’s Attacks; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The hindrance to aggressive warfare against the foe lies in the unwillingness of the Church to face the truth; not in the lack of weapons for victory.

  52. Why Not One? - Neil Girrard Why has Christ’s High Priestly prayer that we would all be “one” remained unanswered?

  53. Why Now? - Neil Girrard Why is God revealing the differences between “church” and ekklesia now?

  54. Why Revival Stops; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Every Revival that has been given of God to awaken His people, has ceased after a time, more or less short, because of the Church’s ignorance and the insidious creeping on of the powers of darkness, unrecognized, and yielded to by the people of God through ignorance.

  55. Why Should I Care - Neil Girrard If the world is going to hell in a handbasket, why should I care?

  56. Why the Baptism of the Spirit Is a Special Time of Danger; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Why, after a Baptism of the Holy Spirit, should the believer be so specially open to the deceiver's workings, for the enemy must have ground to work upon, and with the Holy Spirit so manifestly in possession, how can “ground,” be possible, or the believer be open to the deceiver's approach?

  57. Why Waiting Meetings Are Profitable To Evil Spirits; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Meetings for “waiting for the Spirit” until He descends in some manifested way has been so profitable to deceiving spirits because they are not in accord with the written Word.

  58. Why We Gather - Neil Girrard Why we first went to “church” is as important a question to answer as is why we left it.

  59. The Wiles of the Adversary in the Spiritual Sphere Concerning Revelations, the Voice of the Lord, Guidance, and Liberty.; The Warfare With Satan and the Way of Victory - Jesse Penn-Lewis Let us see that we are now encased safely in the heavenly armour, under the protection of the Blood of the Lamb, as we take the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, and unveil some of the wiles of the devil which he plans around some aspects of the life in the spiritual sphere.

  60. The Wiles of the Devil - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Any soldier intending to survive the day’s battle needs to know what weapons his enemy is using and how to counter those weapons.

  61. The Wiles of the Devil; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The word “wiles” in the original means “methods,” and bears in its varied forms, the thought of “craft,” or artifice; to “work by method,” to over-reach, to outwit, to go in pursuit; also the thought of system, or a way, or a method of doing things.

  62. The Will of God - Neil Girrard Total surrender to God is not optional - especially in understanding the truths of the Bible.

  63. Willing to Obey - Neil Girrard God requires us to choose – He doesn’t force His will or His kingdom on anyone (yet).

  64. Witnesses; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Witnessing is not telling others what God can do or has done, but is a public, visible manifestation of the very character of Jesus in us.

  65. Wolves: How to Spot a False Shepherd - Neil Girrard Wolves and hirelings are much more prevalent than most imagine - just visit the local “church” or turn on your TV!

  66. The Word “Deceived” the Description of Every Unregenerate Man; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis No one likes to admit that they are deceived – but deception is rampant among the followers of Christ nonetheless.

  67. The Word of Truth - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Jesus’ answer to the devil’s temptation to satisfy His hunger by turning rocks into bread after having fasted for forty days holds many things we would do well to consider.

  68. The Word “Passivity” Describes Opposite Condition To Activity; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The word “passivity” simply describes the opposite condition to activity.

  69. Word, Word; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer We would rather, in most cases talk about the written word than conform and surrender totally to the living word, Jesus.

  70. 6. The Work and the Churches; The Normal Christian Church Life - Watchman Nee The work and the churches are quite distinct in Scripture, and we must avoid confusing them, otherwise we shall make serious mistakes and the outworking of God’s purposes will be hindered.

  71. The Work of Satan as Deceiver in the Garden of Eden; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis If all that the Bible contains on the subject of the supernatural powers of evil, could be exhaustively dealt with in this book, we should find that more knowledge is given of the workings of Satan, and his principalities and powers, than many have realized.

  72. The Work of the Wilderness - Neil Girrard If God is leading us, why are we still in the wilderness?

  73. The Working of Evil Spirits in Christian Gatherings; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Three further reports of demonic activity.

  74. World; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Obviously, we can’t have the best of God and still be involved in the minutest degree in the things of the world.

  75. World-wide Deception Disclosed in the Apocalypse; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis War is the keyword of the Apocalypse; war on a scale undreamed of by mortal man; war in many phases and forms, until the end when the Lamb overcomes, and they also overcome who are with Him, called and chosen and faithful.

  76. Worse Than Useless Knowledge Bible Bullet: 1 Corinthians 8:2 - Neil Girrard How we gain our knowledge is even more important than what we know about God.

  77. The Worst Enemy - Neil Girrard Why the institutional “church” is the worst enemy of the body of Christ.

  78. Wrestling and What It Means; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis It is only possible to wrestle against the powers of darkness, by the spirit.

  79. WWJD?: What Would Jesus Do? - Neil Girrard “What Would Jesus Do?” is big business. But is it Christ? A look at the local media's surprisingly discerning treatment of current “church” trends.
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