If I Were the Devil

Neil Girrard
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Greek Words Mentioned in This Article
answerapologeomai – [626] π a pleadingapologia – [627] π masterdespotes – [1203] π translationhermeneia – [2058] π translatehermeneuo – [2059] π Hermes, MercuryHermes – [2060]

You, the devil, have been removed from Heaven [1] and severely defeated at the Cross, [2] and you aren’t happy. You know it’s impossible to dethrone the Creator but you have to show how you’re at least in His class, so you intend to cause as much grief as you can with His creation, perhaps even preventing that eternity in the lake of fire you’ve been promised. [3] After all, if you can take a significant number of humans with you, maybe the Creator will change His mind? [4] Either way, you have only one shot at this. What scheme(s) would you concoct to successfully cause the maximum amount of grief?

Some will consider pride to be the devil’s ultimate scheme and it certainly is a sin that cripples all of humanity and which remains a subtle snare for many, even most Christians, for their entire lifetime. The “big-I problem” is certainly a big problem in the “church” and it does lie at the root of every other sin because it was likely to be Lucifer’s original sin. [5] But to say pride is the description of Satan’s ultimate scheme(s) to cause the maximum amount of grief for believers comes up way short. Such a devil is already defeated for the genuine believer because he or she routinely takes their pride to the cross to die!

What we need to examine is something equally pervasive but even more insidious, a deeper strategy that even more subtly undermines the work of Christ on the cross in the lives of people who would try to follow Him. Let us consider “church” attendance.

Now, let us consider how we study the Bible.

Consider Satan’s overall strategy.

Such a devil as this would be very hard to defeat because anyone who would speak against his schemes will be considered a lunatic and labeled a schismatic and heretic for daring “to speak against God’s precious church” and will be attacked by those who are loyal to their own favorite “church” which is very right in their own eyes because they do not serve and obey the King Jesus Christ. [31]

Let he who has ears hear.


Because I am not the devil and the above was written, not from imagination but from the Bible and from experience, I will provide references to the verses from which these ideas are drawn in the hopes that you will be a noble Berean and search the Scriptures to see that these things are so ( Acts 17:11; top ) and then follow the Lord wherever He might lead you.

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15. Fifteen general rules were set forth by King James for the guidance of the translators. No. 3 reads: “The Old Ecclesiastical Words to be kept, viz. the Word Church not to be translated Congregation &c.” - return to text
16. The Greek words hermenia [ 2058 ] and hermeneuo [ 2059 ], also derived from Hermes [ 2060 ] the Greek god of language, refers specifically to interpreting tongues or languages. Today, “hermeneutics” is used to justify “interpretations” of doctrines and denominational (sectarian) “distinctives.” - return to text
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20. The Greek words apologeomai [ 626 ] and apologia [ 627 ] refer to a legal defense or answer one makes in response to legal charges. Today, “apologetics” is used to promote the apologist and/or his own private or denominational (sectarian) “interpretations” of doctrines. - return to text
21. Heb. 4:12 , Eph. 6:17 - return to text
22. 2 Pet. 1:20 , Rom. 16:17-18 . Note this latter verse must be recognized as referring to those who teach things in contrast to the words of Jesus and the original apostles and can in no possible way be seen as referring to the teachings or indoctrinations a modern student has received while under the tutelage of teachers at some Bible school, university or seminary. - return to text
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29. Jn. 10:27-29 Many people rely on this passage for their “eternal security” but fail to realize that while no one can forcibly remove another from the hand of God, there is nothing that Jesus says here that rules out the possibility that one under deception can willfully and voluntarily forsake the protections, even the eternal ones, of God. - return to text
30. 2 Ths. 2:3 - return to text
31. 2 Pet. 2:1-2 Commentators who translate this verse as if it refers to fringe cultic groups that deny the deity of Christ have failed to recognize that those who fulfill this prophecy will deny the sovereignty (kingship) of the Master (Greek despotes [ 1203 ] from which the English word despot is derived) who bought them. This prophecy says that “many will follow” – the few cultic fringe groups that deny the Deity of Christ are simply not numerous enough to qualify as “many.” However, the “church” that denies Christ His right to be King and Head over all things is. - return to text

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