Q and the Next[?] Red Pill

America: The Big Picture

Neil Girrard
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Anyone who follows Q recognizes that there is a close connection to Christianity – some Q posts have even been direct quotes from the Bible. But it is not that Christianity dominates Q but that Q, like America, relies on Christian principles and even the Spirit of Christ to accomplish a nearly impossible task – restoring America to its Christian-based moral roots and ties free from illegal and immoral corruption that is linked to demonic and Satanic activity. The existence of this Satanic evil is both a Q proof and a God and the Bible proof.

I discovered Q late. Q had been posting for almost a year before I learned of it. In that year, I had lived in a remote rural place without internet service and could not keep up with everything going on in the world. My move to this remote location was not entirely planned and neither was my relative isolation from current events. I had been exposed to the ideas of Luciferian schemes toward world domination many years ago. But when elitist corruption reached its fingers into my remote rural locale, I knew there was nowhere left to avoid it. As I heard reports about Q, I began to research to confirm what I was hearing. What I found was fascinating and the more I learned, the more I saw the similar path which God has had me and my family on in comparison to the work and philosophy of Q.

Let it be clearly stated that one doesn’t have to be a Christian of any particular stripe or flavor or even a Christian at all to read, analyze or follow Q. What is offered here is simply a spiritual Christian perspective of a particular aspect of the Christian influence found in the Q posts. Let us begin with this question: What is the philosophy of Q? It can be summed up in four lines:

Think for yourself.
Research for yourself.
Trust yourself. [1935]

This is, in reality, a better philosophy than what one can find in many Christian “churches”! Let us compare this philosophy to the spiritual Christian perspective:

Think for yourself – “My sheep hear My voice.” ( Jn. 10:27 ) His, not the “pastor’s” voice.
Research for yourself. – Noble Bereans checked the Scriptures to see if “this” was so. ( Acts 17:11 )
Trust yourself. – “A new creation.” ( 2 Cor. 5:17 ) To this newly created self be true!
WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL! One suffers/rejoices, all suffer/rejoice. ( 1 Cor. 12:26; top )

The truth behind Q’s philosophy is that if you do this, you will be a sheep no more. It is also true that if you pursue truth far enough, you will find Christ because Christ is the truth. ( Jn. 14:6; top ) How much you know is up to you. This too is part of the Q philosophy.

This brings us to another concept featured in the Q posts: that of “sheep.” When we take an overview of the over 3,500 Q posts, we find that 39 of them mention sheep – just over 1% of the posts. Sheep is a recurring theme throughout the posts and can be summarized (in my opinion) as occurring in six categories:

Sheep defined – 6x: 142, 1269, 1646, 1926, 2646 and 3558
Little people – 9x: 184, 632, 645, 666, 694, 748, 813, 833 and 1010
Blind leftists – 2x: 2640 and 3028
MSM = sheep control – 8x: 2358, 2368, 2683, 2901, 3176, 3369, 3405 and 3507
Sheep follow the stars – 2x: 923 and 953
Sheep no more – 12x: 1602, 1644, 1797, 1926, 1935, 2128, 2303, 2474, 2559, 2683, 3437 and 3441

Let us notice that this reference to sheep is a Christian inference. Jesus, “when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.” ( Mt. 9:36 ) He sent His disciples “to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” to which He also considered Himself sent. ( Mt. 10:6 , 15:24 ) Jesus also said that He was the good shepherd who gave His life for the sheep ( Jn. 10:11 ) and said, “My sheep hear My voice.” ( Jn. 10:27; top ) In all, there are 43 references in 39 verses throughout the New Testament that speak of sheep in various ways. This accounting of the people as sheep is also carried over into today’s churchianity. The congregation is commonly called a flock and a false preacher seeking to separate the sheep from their money is said to be “fleecing the flock.” This small sample should serve to show that Q has pulled this reference from Christianity.

But let us consider how churchianity has contributed to the zombie-like nature of being blind sheep following blind leaders and how it differs from the Way of following Christ as is depicted in the New Testament. Again, no one has to agree with what is written here. However, if what is written is the truth, rejecting it will be as against the philosophy of Q as it is against God Himself. It is the leftist liberals’ rejection of truth that is their greatest handicap in life and their blind embrasure of insane ideology is certain to be one form of the “strong delusion” Paul warned would come upon those who do not love the truth. ( 2 Ths. 2:11-12; top ) This truth – as best it can be set forth – that there are lethal differences between the original Way and modern churchianity, is indeed a large red pill very difficult for some to swallow.

Generally speaking, those who have found these truths are those who have been exposed to some cult leader or false preacher of one kind or another. The usual accusation leveled against these dissidents is that they are just bitter against those officials and they then just vent their frustrations and blame the “church.” Once these victims of some wicked man in some “church” office get past blaming the individual, however, these people often press on to find the truth that it is the system that produces the individual and not the individual who corrupts some otherwise perfect system. Not all attain to this insight and certainly many remain unable to articulate this well but with this recognition comes great personal freedom and great personal responsibility. Conversely, it is also true that the ones most likely to not be able to recognize this truth are those who hold some “church” office and have invested much of themselves into it.

Churchianity lulls its followers to come once, twice, perhaps even three times a week to hear a lecture. The listeners may (or not) then put this lecture into practice (if there was any practical application in the “sermon”) throughout the week. Thus churchianity:

Anyone who begins to think for themselves and who arrives at different conclusions than this “pastor” is quickly subjected to “damage control” and forced away from the building and people. The most astonishing part is how so many people can claim to follow Christ but have no idea how their practice of churchianity differs so greatly from the New Testament. And what has been shared here is just an ice breaker. Another ice breaker is the obvious truth that Jesus came proclaiming the kingdom of God but it was the “church” that came into prominence. Reconciling these contradictions takes one a long way toward spiritual truth. The spiritual practice of rightly dividing the word of truth regarding this matter could take one years to work through but it is, in truth, simply another red pill process, perhaps the most important one an individual will undertake.

This process of routine lectures about spiritual matters that produces little or no spiritual change is a process of indoctrination and mind control that enables the listeners to be quiet sheep who know little of the Scriptures and virtually nothing of a personal life and relationship with and through the power of the living God who is a consuming fire ( Heb. 12:29 ), that Spirit of truth who has been poured out on all flesh ( Acts 2:16-17 ) and who leads us into all truth if we will but forsake the lies we erroneously consider precious and true. ( Jn. 16:13; top )

This mind-numbing process of “sermonizing” the sheep to sleep is comparable to the conscience-numbing process of emotional abuse enacted in the nightly news where violent and wicked acts are reported and displayed but the watcher has no outlet by which to actually do anything about the violence and wickedness, instilling fear that this must inevitably come upon them as well. This is not to say that the “pastors” are in cahoots with the main stream media but rather that by failing to follow the Spirit of truth and righteousness of God but instead pursuing their own agendas of power, money and/or personal significance, these “church” leaders have come under the same influence as the media talking heads – that of the spirit of the power of the air who works in all those who are disobedient to God. ( Eph. 2:2; top ) Simply put, sermonizing has prepared the so-called “silent moral majority” to remain silent and passive (as they are in the pew) and, for those who partake of it, mainstream media has reinforced and increased that passivity through its routine abuses.

The individual who is no longer a sheep will have difficulty remaining in a modern “church” after recognizing the truths given in this article. It will be difficult to sit quietly while a speaker disseminates “Bible knowledge” that is contradictory to insights gleaned from the Spirit of truth. Anyone who finds themselves in this condition need only to continue to pursue Christ and to pursue truth. He will lead you where you need to be. If you need interaction with other believers and followers, He will lead you to that even though He is not necessarily likely to lead you to a “church” in doing so. You may find that while you desire “fellowship,” He is not leading you in that direction because there is something hidden in your own personality and soul, some flaw that needs eradicated before it does damage to others around you. Or perhaps He is simply protecting you from others with those kinds of unsurrendered flaws. Simply know that wherever He leads you, He is able to sustain and keep you, enabling you to grow and thrive in Him no matter whatever situation you find yourself in.

Many take the phrase “spiritual but not religious” as their personal descriptor and that too is a phrase that has a rightful place in the life of a follower of Christ. It was because the Corinthians were carnal and not spiritual, mere babes ( 1 Cor. 3:1-4 ), that Paul could not, even in a series of letters, speak of many “mysteries” (divinely revealed insights) – though to the Ephesians he could speak of spiritual warfare ( Eph. 6:12 ) and of many “mysteries” in one single, much shorter letter. Every Christian is to be born again by the Spirit which is from above ( Jn. 3:3 , 5 , 1 Pet. 1:23 ) and is to follow after the Spirit so as to truly be a son (child) of God. ( Rom. 8:14; top )

The Great Awakening Q speaks of is not the “harvest” spoken of in the New Testament. ( Mt. 13:39 , etc.; top) Rather it is a large-scale turning from darkness to light, refusing to be led by forces of deception and darkness into further slavery. The Great Awakening is a recognition that political leaders do not always do what is best for their country or their people and that We The People must again stand up to their tyranny and selfish manipulations. The urgency is that science has reached the stage where it has brought the human race to the end of Western civilization and perhaps even to the brink of extinction.

But where Q leads us to, Christ will take further those who will go on. Christ offers eternal and abundant life that is described with terms identical to what Q is calling for. That so many “churches” have chosen paths that differ from this Q philosophy only shows how effective Satan’s deceptive strategies are among the people that Q-anons have dubbed “normies,” those who live a “normal” life according to Western and American cultural standards. There are some among the Q-anons who have well documented the Satanic strategies involved in the spiritually oppressive rituals and even lethal sacrifices practiced by the Satanic elites but that is not what is being discussed here. Here we are pointing out Satan’s strategies among the “normies,” the so-called silent moral majority who go to “church” but do nothing to stop the onslaught of child trafficking, slavery and murder because their “pastor” doesn’t even mention that such a thing exists – and sometimes this person fails to mention such things because they practice such things.

This is the real tragedy of our time. While the left has been pouring billions of dollars into putting leftist liberals into positions of power and into “science” whereby men and artificial intelligence can be merged, clones brought to “life,” life expectancy dramatically extended (perhaps even reaching for eternal life, “the Tree of Life” – Gen. 3:22 , apart from God), diseases cured (for the elites only, of course), new drugs made to entertain the elites (some derived from human organs), etc., the “church” has been luring its sheep to sit idly and passively in pews, listening to sermons that don’t say what the listeners need to hear but only say what the listener’s carnal flesh wants to hear – Paul called this tickling ears. ( 2 Tim. 4:3-4; top )

God still says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” ( 2 Chr. 7:14; top ) This sin, that can conveniently (if not completely accurately) be called “church,” is perhaps the primary “wicked way” that most Christians do not repent of.

“Church,” as a modern concept, includes:

The original Greek word almost always translated as “church” is ekklesia. This word has only one meaning: people. Thus “church” is best described as three parts lie and only one part truth. It has been the strategy of Satan over two millennia, beginning after the time of Paul ( Acts 20:30 ), to slowly and incrementally draw the people of Christ ever further away from the original Way of following Christ, what Jesus called their “first love.” ( Rev. 2:4; top )

Let it be categorically stated that leaving “church” because it is “wrong” is just as wrong as staying because it seems right. In both cases, it is mere lawlessness, the doing of what is right in one’s own eyes. ( Jdgs. 21:25; top ) The only reason acceptable to God for leaving “church” is because He is calling you to do so. This process is rarely so simply presented to someone leaving a “church” but as one persistently follows Him wherever He leads, this will be made more clear as one proceeds to follow Him.

There may be no verse more important for our day than Jesus’ words, “My sheep hear My voice.” ( Jn. 10:27; top ) If we do not hear His voice in any of the many ways He “speaks” to us, we have great reason to know that we are not His sheep. And if we cannot hear His voice in any way whatsoever, by what insanity do we think we will know His will – when and where to turn right or left, go forward or backward or just stand still?

There is no “rule” about how we should assemble – the making of such rules is carnality itself. There is a Head who rules His body by His Spirit (His body’s “nervous system”) and He will be in our midst wherever two or three gather in His name. ( Mt. 18:20 ) He does not share His throne with our calendar and clock system. The Spirit moves as the wind wherever and whenever He wishes and we can only follow after Him. ( Jn. 3:8 ) The only way to be a true member of Christ’s remnant is to follow the Lamb wherever He leads. ( Rev. 14:4; top )

Suppose we began to take Q posts and treat them as infallible and sacred texts. This would be a misuse and misunderstanding of the information dissemination program of Q. In a similar way, we have misused and misunderstood the New Testament. The people of the 2nd and 3rd centuries began to write manuals and rulebooks that took people away from their first love of personally knowing and interacting with Christ by His Spirit. This was aided along by the shenanigans of a hyper-charismatic bishop (Montanus) and his two prophetesses who were shown to be “apostates” by the authoritarian Nicolaitan (“ruling over the people” – Rev. 2:6 , 15 ) bishops of the Catholic sect ( “heresy” – Gal. 5:20; top – a word best translated as “denomination.”) To keep further decay of the original Way from occurring, over 300 bishops gathered to form the canon, the accepted list of the 27 writings that form the New Testament today.

It is a mistake of no small proportions to turn the New Testament into a manual or a lawbook. It is also a mistake to think of it as “the Word of God.” Paul clearly told us that the Spirit is the Word of God when he described the spiritual armor of the believer. ( Eph. 6:17 – the Greek on this is clear) and the New Testament clearly says that “the Word of God” is a Person, not a thing. ( Heb. 4:12 , Jn. 1:14 , etc.) The New Testament, indeed the whole Bible, must be seen as simply “the word of truth” that must be “rightly divided” by cooperation with the Spirit of God. ( 2 Tim. 2:15 ) In this light, we can rightly think of the New Testament as God’s kingdom “manifesto,” the writings by which He communicates His agenda, methods and aims for His kingdom here on earth. And if we think that God made any mistakes or allowed men to include or exclude writings that rightly belonged in or out of the canon, then our idea of God’s power is too small. The New Testament is a perfect “door” by which we can enter into ever greater union with the Creator God and experience more of His divine nature. Too many, like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, have searched the Scriptures, thinking that in them they have found eternal life and yet these people have failed to see that these Scriptures are the testimony of how to find and know Jesus. ( Jn. 5:39; top )

Gathering together or “assembling” under manmade rules or authority in buildings that satisfy our religious cravings simply makes for a carnal gathering or assembly, a mixed multitude, which can never be fully satisfying to God. The “assembling of ourselves together” that we must not forsake ( Heb. 10:25 ) is not something we can do by ourselves or in accordance with our own initiative. To produce something of eternal value, we can only co-labor with Christ and God ( 1 Cor. 3:9; top ) or we are building yet another manmade temple which God will not inhabit. And it is in this light that we can begin to see how our “places of worship” have been used to control us.

It is this work of our flesh that God is calling us to forsake so that we may enter into true corporate union with Him and that He may truly inhabit the praises of His people. There is no man to follow, no organization to join, no dues, tithes or offerings to pay. Our entire life is His. If He says, “Sell all and give it to the poor” ( Lk. 18:22 ), that is what we should do. If He tells us to routinely set aside a portion or to take up a certain work, that is what we should do. While we must not separate our personal interaction with God from our corporate existence with one another, it remains true that we do not need that any man continue to teach us the words from His manifesto ( 1 Jn. 2:27; top ) – we need to hear the Lamb, take up our cross and follow after Him wherever He leads us.

Anything else is just another work of deception and darkness that cripples sheep and hinders the Great Awakening for which we labor.

Let he who has ears hear.


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